The Infinite Journey of Transformation

ImageThe journey of healing and transformation is endless. Celebrating our holy bodies, being embodied can be an excruciatingly painful process. It takes great courage. It takes great faith. Eve Ensler was an igniter for the work I do today.

 I am humbled and awe-struck by this courageous woman’s continuous evolution and path as a storyteller, a humanitarian, a global healer. Directing the Vagina Monolgues as my senior project in college in 2003 launched my path, created the opportunity for me to meet my first spiritual mentor, wove together my passion of theatre with sexual self-expression and women’s rights.  Sometimes on a journey we peak and never move on, resting on our previous laurels.  What is so beautifully transparent in this video of Eve Ensler is that the journey of evolution, healing and transformation is an endless one.  We can never peak and rest on our laurels.  Ascend, ascend, ascend.   Transform, transform, transform.

I often hear people who are beginning their journey say “I want to be enlightened. I found the modality!  It’s yoga, Reiki, Tantra, Christianity, Buddhism etc.”  My shamanic teacher, Kenneth Ray Stubbs reminds me there are levels of enlightenment.  Just when you think you’ve climbed the mountain fully, there’s another mountain waiting.  We will constantly be transforming and evolving.  We’re not done.  Any modality will only take you so far until the personal journey takes over.  Our personal journey will navigate the modality and the modality will assist the path until it doesn’t.  Eve thought writing about vaginas would help her reclaim her body acceptance and sense of self-love and for a while it did.  Creating The Vagina Monologues and V-Day movement put her in purpose on her path and awakened her dharma.  But what really brought her fully into her body and self-love and personal power was cancer.  

Eve remains a heroine of mine – always evolving, ever on the path, ever transforming.  

Here in this link she speaks about her journey.  It is worth your time to watch this. It could be the most important part of your day…

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  1. wynoami
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 20:40:40

    Wow. Beautiful video and post. A perfect example of evolution through appreciation: It is all good and it is all who we are and we are all in this together.


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