New York Encounter Part Deux: MalloMars to Venus

New York Encounter Part Deux: MalloMars to Venus

MallomarsIt’s Sunday evening around 8pm and I am walking home from parking my car on the west side. I have a bag of groceries in one arm, a score from the an out of town trip with my theatre company. I’m an opportunist when the option arises to stock up on suburbia goodies for $20 when the same bag of groceries will cost you $55 in New York City. My husband’s favorite cookie Mallomars were on 2 for $5 which retail for $8 at the arm and a leg gourmet grocery around the corner. I felt victorious on my saunter home with my dirt cheap booty tucked under one arm. As I was strolling crosstown, a gruff sounding “Excuse me!” erupted from behind. Everyone’s in a hurry in this city. I moved to the side to let Mr. Bad-Attitude pass. A rotund black man with a 6” long beard who was missing his front tooth brushed passed me in linebacker fashion. We locked eyes. His stormy gate suddenly turned to slow motion.

“What’s your name?” he said to me, switching gears quickly from get-the-fuck-out-of-my- way to I’ve-got-plenty-of-time-for-you-babe.

“What’s yours?” I bounced back at him.

“Ishmael,” he said a bit lasciviously, looking me up and down again.

“I’m Isis,” I responded.

“Are you spoken for?”

“Very,” I quickly replied.

“He better hold onto you tight.”

I smiled. Ishmael continued “I’m just returning to dating. My sister is encouraging me to get out there.” Just then, his hardened player face cracked and I saw a wash of sadness sweep over him. His voice quivered for a moment. “My wife, I lost my wife.”

We both stopped in our tracks.

“I’m so very, very sorry to hear that Ishmael. What happened?”

“My wife died of breast cancer a year ago,” Ishmael’s gruff voice softened almost to a whisper. Tears pooledon his lower eyelids. “My sister tells me its time for me to start dating again. I’m… it’s so hard”

We stood silent for a few beats.  The sounds of New York City muted into the background and somehow I could hear only the sound of our breath. Two strangers simply being with each other in a deeply vulnerable and intimate moment.

“Ishamel, I am so very sorry for your loss. I know this must be very hard for you. You will never replace your wife. But you will absolutely find love again.”

“My wife was so special Isis.”

“I know she was Ishmael. And she would absolutely want you to love again and she absolutely wants you to be happy.”

A soft smile cracked through the dark clouds on his face.

“I think she would want that, yes,” spoke Ishmael.

We stared at each other another moment.

“Thank you,” Ishmael bowed his head for a moment and then walked away.

I shifted my armful of groceries to the other arm and continued my walk home, a little slower, more present and filled with the gratitude of small miracles –  more love just opened on the planet… and Mallomars were 2 for $5.

Sexual Shamanic Priestess Tenets

Sexual Shamanic Priestess Tenets

Shamanic Goddess

 The Sexual Shamanic Priestess is an ancient archetype that is returning to our consciousness to be reactivated. The Sexual Shamanic Priestess nourishes the cycles of orgasmic energy and inner rhythms and cycles of herself, her community and all of creation. In stepping into this archetype, we step into the wholeness of our power and repair our fragmented connection with Mother Earth and the fragmented connection between our sexuality and our spirituality. Through pleasure, love, ritual and Earth based wisdom and reverence the Sexual Priestess holds the wisdom of oneness with all of creation. In this powerful all women-retreat, we will journey to awaken the Sexual Priestess within each of us, reclaiming our individual and collective sexual power, opening to our authentic creative and sensual self-expressions and entraining our dance with the cycles of nature and the cosmos.  I’ve been crafting a list of tenets of the Sexual Shamanic Priestess.  This is the beginning.  I’d love to hear yours!

Sexual Shamanic Priestess Tenets


The sexual shamanic priestess…


Is one with nature.


Honors and celebrates all of nature’s cycles and all of the cycles and phases of womanhood.


Maximizes these natural cycles to direct energy with intent for personal transformation, perfect health, abundance and manifestation of her desires adhering to the shamanic principles of right relationship.


Nourishes her sexuality and sensuality with the governing principles that her body is her own to share and celebrate as she desires and that all acts of love and pleasure are her rituals.


Celebrates and honors her body and the bodies of others and connects and shares from a place of generosity, fullness and love.


Practices self-inquiry.


Knows and honors that her sexuality is hers and is also an extension of the Earth’s macrocosm of sexual life force energy.


Serves as a conduit of an essential sacred energy that exists within nature and a translator of this wisdom.


Sexual shamanic priestess is an embodiment of the Goddess and bringer of sexual joy by which animal instincts are transformed into the art and practice love and love-making.


Reinstates sexuality in its fundamental position as our birthright and a holy body blessing


Seeks to support and empower other women in accessing their sexual sensual life force for pleasure, creativity and health.


She brings her soul gifts to service her community.


I’d love to hear what the your tenets are for the Sexual Shamanic Priestess!

Please Comment Below.

AND Save the date for our the Sexual Shamanic Priestess Retreat  in upstate New York at Galiana July 12th-14th!



Herbal Holy Trinity

ImageThe Holy Trinity

‘Tis the holiday season and it’s also the season for stress, which could lead to contracting a cold or flu.  I myself just experienced a doozie of a cold that put me out for almost a week.  Rather than looking at this cold as a hindrance, I take any injury or illness as an opportunity to go deeper into my explorations in herbal medicine.   In playing in the herb cabinet over the past week, a powerful remedy was revealed to me that has now established itself as my healing holy trinity.  This trinity of herbs turned my two-week cold into a five-day cold by accelerating my body’s healing process.

Ill tell you about three herbs, two of which you probably know and one of which you might not.   First I would like to say however that I am a simpler at heart with my herbs – meaning I like to use one herb at a time to really get to know it.  With this cold through, I also realize that there is power and numbers and sometimes it takes a team rather than any one individual to complete a task properly.

The plants are our allies in taking care of our and I encourage you if you’ve never explored plant medicine there is no better time than the present to begin.  Read below to find out my Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh so to speak that keeps my body holy, healthy and sensuous embodied health.

Groggy and rolling out of bed with a sore throat and a headache I stumbled to my herb cabinet on Monday morning and pulled together these three herbs that leapt out from the shelf when I asked for help.

Elderberry is a grandmother medicine and holds an entire medicine chest in her healing properties including being an excellent anti-cold and anti-flu tonic.  Her powers support a healthy heart as well as being anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

Echinacea – I use to help boost immunity and increase my white blood cell count to support my body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Echinacea is like putting ones body in an express lane of healing rather than going on the local route.  It accelerates the overall healing journey.  Avoid Echinacea if I had an autoimmune disorder like MS or rheumatoid arthritis.

Osha Root – is a new discovery for me.  I generally use plants that are easy to harvest and I have collected myself.  However, I ordered some dried Osha root last year which I made into a tincture (plant steeped in vodka alcohol for a minimum of 6 weeks) incase anyone in my presence went into anaphylactic shock or had a severe allergic reaction because I was aware Osha root stops histamine receptors for a short time.  However, on my groggy morning Osha kept leaping of the shelf asking me to use her as a support.  Osha Root grows in the Rocky Mountains but it is however an endangered plant due to over harvesting.   I use it seldom because there are other plants that can take its place for more regular use.  Osha is also called Bear Root and sometimes bear medicine.  Bears after awakening from hibernation will dig up this root and rub it all over their bodies.  It is a diaphoretic which makes the body sweat, but is also said to stimulate the appetite after a bear has awakened from a winter slumber.  Bears respond to it like cats to catnip.  Sometimes even male bears are seen digging it up and offering it in courtship to female bears.  Having bear as my spirit totem, I’m not surprised after this research that Osha wanted to step forward and help me with this cold.  Osha is great for upper respiratory support and clearing congestion on the body.   Osha is also antibacterial and antiviral and relieves coughs and inflammation in the throat and bronchial tubes.

To keep your body healthy and happy this holiday season I’ll have a few of my holy body trinity tincture blends available.  Please email me if you would like to reserve yours.  I’m making special blends of this tincture to be available at the Sensual Woman’s Soiree and Holy Body Worship this season for $10, less than you would pay in a store and all handmade homemade tinctures.

Happy to Heal and Help Heal,

Isis Phoenix


The Infinite Journey of Transformation

ImageThe journey of healing and transformation is endless. Celebrating our holy bodies, being embodied can be an excruciatingly painful process. It takes great courage. It takes great faith. Eve Ensler was an igniter for the work I do today.

 I am humbled and awe-struck by this courageous woman’s continuous evolution and path as a storyteller, a humanitarian, a global healer. Directing the Vagina Monolgues as my senior project in college in 2003 launched my path, created the opportunity for me to meet my first spiritual mentor, wove together my passion of theatre with sexual self-expression and women’s rights.  Sometimes on a journey we peak and never move on, resting on our previous laurels.  What is so beautifully transparent in this video of Eve Ensler is that the journey of evolution, healing and transformation is an endless one.  We can never peak and rest on our laurels.  Ascend, ascend, ascend.   Transform, transform, transform.

I often hear people who are beginning their journey say “I want to be enlightened. I found the modality!  It’s yoga, Reiki, Tantra, Christianity, Buddhism etc.”  My shamanic teacher, Kenneth Ray Stubbs reminds me there are levels of enlightenment.  Just when you think you’ve climbed the mountain fully, there’s another mountain waiting.  We will constantly be transforming and evolving.  We’re not done.  Any modality will only take you so far until the personal journey takes over.  Our personal journey will navigate the modality and the modality will assist the path until it doesn’t.  Eve thought writing about vaginas would help her reclaim her body acceptance and sense of self-love and for a while it did.  Creating The Vagina Monologues and V-Day movement put her in purpose on her path and awakened her dharma.  But what really brought her fully into her body and self-love and personal power was cancer.  

Eve remains a heroine of mine – always evolving, ever on the path, ever transforming.  

Here in this link she speaks about her journey.  It is worth your time to watch this. It could be the most important part of your day…