Eccentric New York Encounter

Love SignOn my way to the grocery store walking down 55th St towards 6th Ave with my little blue shopping cart… two men are walking behind me.

Random business man: Hey you’re pulling an empty cart.

Isis: I know I’m on my way to the grocery store to fill it.

Random Businessman: You’re not a native New Yorker are you?

Isis: No, but you are. I can tell by your brogue.

Random Businessman: I bet you meet a lot of eccentric people here. Where are you from originally?

Isis: Oklahoma

Random business man: What do you do here? Model?

Isis: I’m a sacred sexuality teacher.

Random Business man and his colleague: WHAT?!?!?! WAIT, WHAT?

Isis: I’m a sacred sexuality teacher.

Random business man: What is that?! Sacred? Sex?  Wait we were on our way to a business meeting but this takes priority. Tell us about sacred sexuality. Give us your elevator speech.

Isis: I’m a coach who supports individuals who desire transformation in their lives in the areas of sexuality, intimacy and relationship.

Random Businessman: Is this legit?

Isis: Absolutely.

Random Businessman: I’m Victor. This is George.

Isis: My name is Isis.

Victor: Like the Goddess?!

Isis: Yes.

Victor: Wait. There’s a camera somewhere, right? Okay you got us. This is like for a show or something right? Looks for camera, begins waving to different corners on 55th St.. George waves too.

Isis: No, this is my real life.

Victor: So what do you do for people? Do you heal them?

Isis: I hold space for men, women and couples and offer them tools so that they can heal and align with their inner radiance and deepen their ability to experience pleasure, intimacy and sexual self-expression.

Victor: Hey you’re into the herbs aren’t you?

Isis: Having no idea how he made this jump in consciousness …Yes, I’m an herbalist.

Victor: My Godmother is like 90 years old but looks like she’s 40. She’s using all these herbs. I want to start that.

Isis: That’s great! The plants hold powerful healing properties. In fact there’s medicine right on this street. We’re right next to a Gingko tree. And there are tons of medicinal plants growing in Central Park. I do a lot of harvesting there.

Victor: I knew you were into the herbs. Do you have a card?

Isis: Give me your number I’ll give you a link to my website

Victor: Really?! Great!

George: Me too! Take mine too!

Victor: George, where are we, remember where we are right now.

Isis: You’re on 55th and 6th Ave right by the LOVE statue.

George: Unbelievable.

Isis: takes numbers I’m going to fill up my cart. You all have a good evening.

Victor: Overheard walking away George, We just met a Goddess.