Pelvic Heart Integration Level 1 & 2 coming to Portland, Oregon


ACTIVATION Level 1 & 2

with Gwenn Cody & Isis Phoenix

Level 1 Jan 20-22, Level 2 Feb 18-20

10854925_10204939604106655_7604903888879642289_oPelvic Heart Integration is a unique and powerful synthesis of neo-Reichian breathwork, somatic release bodywork, psychodrama, trauma work, body reading and Tantra for understanding and harmonizing the whole person particularly in the areas of relationship, love and sexuality. This system was developed by Dr. Jack Painter and continued by Dr. Deborah Anapol. It has been called “the most potent integration tool for sexual harmony” by highly experienced sexuality trainers and workshop leaders.

The Pelvic Heart Integration system increases our awareness and gives us tools for healing developmental issues of childhood to the physical, emotional, interpersonal and sexual issues confronting us as evolving humans including those beliefs and patterns from our ancestral lineage.

IMG_2715PHI Level 1 explores:
The Four Genders – their attributes and their shadow qualities
The Four Part Breath Cycle to harmonize the energetic flows of yin and yang, masculine and feminine and giving and receiving energy
The Parental Triangle to recognize past parental and social beliefs that are limiting our fullness of energetic expression
Inner Man and Inner Woman – Finding and Cultivating the Ideal Harmony within

PHI Level 2 (NOVEMBER 11-13) explores:
Understanding and releasing body-armoring,
Transforming negative relationship beliefs and patterns from the Ancestral Lineage
Deep Somatic Release Bodywork for increased awareness and the harmonious flow of energy

By focusing our attention on the dynamics of the core duality of male and female within our own bodies, we give ourselves leverage to find unity much more effectively than when we blame others and try to change them. We also discover how to release the characteristic breathing patterns, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and body amour that block the free flow of our life force and inhibit our capacity for sensual pleasure and orgasmic release. When the polarities merge and come into contact, whether within one’s own body or with another, sexual excitement results, eventually culminating in full body orgasm if the natural flow is unimpeded.

Cost: $425 each weekend, $800 when paid together (Includes dorm style lodging in beautiful home in NW Portland) Catered meals additional.


Open to both singles and partners of any gender or sexual orientation.

IMG_6437Gwenn Cody, MSW, CET, CTE and Isis Phoenix are two of only a handful of Pelvic Heart Integration teachers certified in the world.

Gwenn is a body-centered therapist and sexuality educator in practice since 1988. She is certified in Core Energetics, a spiritually focused Reichian therapy model and trained in Tantra and Sexuality with some of the best-known luminaries of the last 30 years including Jack Painter. In addition to individual and marital psychotherapy, she has been offering relationship counseling for non-monogamous individuals, dyads and groups for over 10 years. Contact her at

Isis is a sexual somatic bodyworker and a teacher of sacred sexuality and temple arts for over a decade. She works professionally with individuals and groups desiring to create transformation in the area of sexuality, intimacy and relationship. She is also the creator of Naked Yoga Alliance, an International information and resource network for the transformative and healing practice of nude yoga.

In Memoriam – Dr. Deborah Anapol and Pelvic Heart Integration

Pelvic Heart IntegrationIt is with sadness and confusion that I honor the life of my teacher and mentor Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol who passed shortly after an immersive training I attended with her in Ireland in August. Deborah, who preferred being called by her spiritual name, Taj, was the center holder for Pelvic Heart Integration, a whole body system of healing originally founded by Dr. Jack Painter. She and I co-led New York’s first Pelvic Heart Integration Retreat this past July. It was Taj’s deep and sincere wish for PHI to become a globally known healing model and she was in the midst of passing the work on.

There are 19 people, including myself, who have been in training to take this work more fully out into the world and we have committed to continuing our training and honoring her passion through offering PHI Activations and private work throughout the globe. We had just completed module 2 of a 4 module year long training system to become teachers. Taj taught and believed that in order to create harmony among men and women in relationships and on the earth there must be a harmony with the inner man and woman within the individual often referred to in PHI as ‘the inner marriage.’ The cumulative effects of Pelvic Heart Integration has gone deeper for me than any other system of Tantra and has been instrumental in bringing about profound healing and making available deeper more authentic ways of relating.

Deborah and I were published together in the book Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Art of Love just after her passing and my interview with her in Sensheant Magazine on masculine and feminine energies in Pelvic Heart Integration was also released a few days after her death.

In memory of Taj, in support of my fellow teachers and in my belief in this work, I will be stepping into support and co-facilitate Pelvic Heart Integration Activation Level 1 in Sebastapol, CA with Gwenn Cody and Glenn Meader and assist Pelvic Heart Integration Activation Level 2 in Portland, Oregon with Gwenn Cody. I welcome you to come share in and receive this powerful healing work.